When politicians make sense

This paper takes pains to be party politically neutral – but we will comment when any politician makes a comment that we HAVE to agree with 100%

Today’s politicians is Jeremy Corbyn.

On publishing his tax return, commented:-  “Tax avoidance and evasion deprive’ … ‘will only be tackled if we have the political will to do it,”

This is as true as my father’s weather forecast “It’ll be wet or dark before morning”.

It is our opinion that the only true way of getting the honest opinion of our politicians is take into consideration the finances of the politicians partner’s too. Otherwise it would be easy for our politicians  to forget which houses they own; for politicians to, coincidentally, own shares in companies  benefitting from government’s policy. Alternatively clearing them of any such potential accusations.

Should Policiticians and their partners publically publish their finances ?

  • Yes - 1
  • No - 0


However, one does wonder at the wisdom of :- “Labour is considering forcing landowners to give up sites for a fraction of their current price in an effort to slash the cost of council house building.

The proposal has been drawn up by John Healey, the shadow housing secretary, and would see a Jeremy Corbyn-led government change the law so landowners would have to sell sites to the state at knockdown prices.”

Surely if builders and developers are being threatened with this type of larceny, it will almost certainly result in those companies no longer investing in those directions.

Do you think that this proposal of Labour, is beneficial to the country ?

  • Yes - 0
  • No - 2