13/01/2018 Newsletter


NHS in Crisis

A lot has been written and spoken in the media this week about the NHS crisis, a now annual event in the British calendar. Many journalists and politicians have called on the government to splurge yet more of taxpayers’ money into the healthcare system. All the while thousands of NHS doctors are missing from hospitals whilst they enjoy conferences and skiing at 5 star resorts at the expense of you, the taxpayer!

It is worth remembering that there are considerable examples (links to a few below) of waste and mismanagement within the NHS, rectifying these would be a good starting point.

Scrap HS2 Campaign

The fight to Scrap HS2 continues. On Monday Lord Framlingham again spoke out against HS2 in the House of Lords. He highlighted that the billions of pounds allocated for the project could be better spent elsewhere.

Sadly, HS2 works are underway with trees in historic St James’ Gardens felled to make way for the expansion and redevelopment of Euston railway station. This week I met with the Save Drummond Street group to learn more about what was happening and distribute our Scrap HS2 leaflets.

If you would like leaflets to deliver in your area please email me.


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