15th June 2017 Editorial


Dear All,

It is with a heavy heart that I write today’s editorial. We are all saddened by Grenfell Tower. The loss of life, the injuries and the mental scares that that will leave with many of us for ever.

We should remember, and praise all of those who have helped – the people that tried to rouse their neighbours, the Fire Service, the Police, the Ambulance service. (the list is not exclusive).

And all of those citizens who brought food, and water and clothing during the fire and evacuation and still. Those that are trying to support the victims. These people are only caring about other human beings.

What has infuriated me, are all those people that are trying to make political mileage out of this disaster. These tower blocks have been there through Conservative, Coalition and Labour governments. To my mind, it’s a perfect example of where people should follow the example of the people on the street and – just help put things right. Let’s stop this happening again.

There’s no point in pointing fingers at who might have been to blame (if anyone), that won’t bring back those people, nor will it eradicate the mental and physical scares.

We praise all those that have and will help.