What are we about ?

A very fair question, easily answered.

Currently there is no news media for Lutterworth. The Harborough Mail, no longer entitles its paper the Lutterworth Mail. The Lutterworth Observer has virtually nothing to do with Lutterworth.

Occasionally you ‘might’ see something dramatic on BBC Leicester, but we would seriously would not suggest you hold your breath.

So, where do you get Lutterworth News – apart from the endless, but interesting gossip?

Well basically you can’t.

But hey – then there is The Lutterworth Cloud !!

An on-line newspaper for Lutterworth.

We accept that the ‘paper’ newspaper is dying a death. We accept that Lutterworth has no real News service. Therefore – This is YOUR news service!

Everything is on line –

Send us your news stories and pictures at

All pictures including children must have their parents/guardian’s indemnity.

Send us your comment on

For advertisement enquiries


Editorial enquiries



We aim to be THE NEWS for the LUTTWERWOTH area.

There is no News outlet for Lutterworth, The Lutterworth mail has withdrawn into its Harborough Mail shell. The Lutterworth Observer has virtually nothing to do with Lutterworth.

The formidable Lutterworth and District Journal – is bimonthly.

Our On-Line paper aims to be live.

The age of the ‘paper’ newspaper will soon be history. We want everything ‘on-line’ at the touch of a button and that’s exactly what we’re doing – today a Facebook, with a web site, to be followed up with apps for your ‘phones.

How are we going to do that? Well with our own correspondents. As well as YOU, you know what’s going on so do tell us. With pictures. “T&Cs” apply obviously.

Being centred around Lutterworth we aim to publish articles, advertisements etc. that apply to Lutterworth, and surrounding areas.

If it doesn’t apply to this area – it won’t appear here !

(Some national or international news or comment might appear as it may apply or be of interest to the people that live or work here).


As it’s a local paper, we ask anyone and everyone to add content, even anonymously, if they wish.

Whether an article or pictures or both.

Obviously, everything will be moderated to try and ensure it’s true, honest and decent.

We ask that all photographs including people are accompanied by a consent form of the people and or their parents/ guardians etc.

So why are you bothered?

If you live or work in the area everything applies to your neighbourhood.

If you’re advertising?

Your adverts apply to our readers.

Local Events?

Tell the locals here !

General Sexual preference – Whatever!

We are a non xxx, non …..

We treat everyone the same, whatever! (some say we treat dogs better 😉 but they don’t offer much editorial!)


Currently there is limited advertising for Lutterworth.

What is available is on paper. Paper is in a decline with fewer people reading newspapers. Most people read on line, whether that be on a website, like us or a specific app – as we intend soon. Please email us with you preferred format –

We offer advertisements.

On the page, with hyperlinks to your website

To specific pages on our site

We can help you with your ‘art work’

Or with our specialist team to produce your advert

With video – by our media team or linked to your own links.

We have a professional team that can create your advert, or your corporate video.

We also have a commercial team that can advise you on the content of your adverts.

Our Colleagues Pumpkin Patch Media

These good (Lutterworth) folk are rather good at producing corporate videos.

Indeed, Wedding videos are in their portfolio or many corporate (and the odd political) videos.

Pumpkin Patch Media work alongside us and we would recommend them for creating you advert / corporate video or whatever – either to be used on The Lutterworth Cloud or elswhere.

The Editor

'THE' go-to site for Lutterworth

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