2019 Elections

We will be posting the details of all nominees, that choose to send us their details.

Harborough District Council

Lutterworth East

David Gair

The Tories ignore Lutterworth except as a cash cow. Magna Park built without infrastructure development or strategic overview. Lutterworth East  planned without a penny coming to enhance Lutterworth. A strong majority wished to keep the Green Bins and Parking as they were. They were changed. Time for another change!

Lutterworth West

Paul Beadle

For too long, the Conservative run Harborough District Council (HDC) have taken Lutterworth for granted and have introduced parking charges, green bin charges and unpopular planning decisions and whilst Lutterworth has Conservative Councillors, HDC will continue to take us for granted. I will stand up for Lutterworth. Please vote Labour.

Lutterworth Town Council

Lutterworth Brookfield

Lutterworth Orchard

Lutterworth Springs

Tony Hirons has been a Town Councillor since 2008. Previous to this he was instrumental in obtaining a £100,000 Lottery grant to refurbish the churchyard. He was also a leading figure in securing a new cemetery for Lutterworth. Lutterworth born & bred he is passionate about his home town.

Tony Hirons

Lutterworth Swift