30th June Editorial

Editorial – 30th June 2017

Does this sound like a record stuck in a groove ?

I feel safe using that metaphor as vinyl hits the streets again !


Set your date stamp, Tardis or whatever star date to a point in the past –  before stage 3 of Magna Park, before the plans on Westerby Court, or those houses beyond Bill Crane way and thoue across the way. Even before we saw that the Leader’s Farm was actually going to be our gravely needed new cemetery.

Back to the days when there was a grey Tardis looking object on the north wall of the Greyhound Hotel, well after it was tied up!

The then councillor Ken Seymour (later of “The Fox” infamy!) submitted to the Lutterworth Town councillor a damming report on the air quality in Lutterworth, especially on high street, where heavy lorries had to stop and start on the hill because of the traffic and the Pelican crossing.

Some while later the then Councillor Martin Willey proposed an ‘Eastern Relief Road”.

NOW  –

We have the opportunity of – virtually doubling the population of Lutterworth with Lutterworth East – and what about ex.Cllr. Willey route??

A virtual trebling of Magna Park

And yet – whilst people cannot even get on the waiting list for a dentist – No plans of ANY infrastructure improvement until 2030.

Worse – is the Judicial Enquiry isn’t happening !!

The traffic stacks up – in every direction – only to get worse – much worse.

Please – ask your representative on the Lutterworth Town Council, The Harborough District Council, the Leicestershire country Council and your Member of parliament for their comment s and send them back to us – mail @the-lutterworth-cloud.uk