37.5% rise in Green bin Charges

Remember, the Green Bin Stealth tax was brought in  – in the year HDC said they were not increasing the Council Tax. – they didn’t. They brought in a new tax. Which is one of the reasons so many people do not pay it!

The Lutterworth Cloud – do not accept how the district council can  justify a 37.5% increase in a charge in a year when so many people have earned next to bugger all.

Yes Some people’s incomes haven’t dropped.

Some have been on 80%

Some have received NOTHING

And HDC  try to justify a 37.5% increase – that’s about 1800% more than inflation, for emptying the green bins. On the basis it’s fairer to those that don’t use the service.


The Lutterworth Cloud – will stand against this extortion.

The Editor

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