3rd May 2017 – Editorial

An Inaugural    Editorial.

3rd May 2017.

The 2017 General Election.

Is Theresa May a strategist to be reckoned with – or might she have got it wrong?

Mrs May has been seen to be giving the Brexiteers everything they want, engendering the votes of the Leavers…

The Remainers might be thinking that they’re having a re-run of the referendum.

So superficially everybody wins!

Well no. Not everybody. Another reason why Mrs May, might have chosen now to announce the General Election, is because she believes she has no opposition and she’ll increase her majority; also, she herself WILL be elected as Prime Minister.


Now let us look at the converse.

Mrs May, is talking a great game. But is she walking her talk ?

The Conservative manifesto said they were not putting up National Insurance Contributions – and then – they announced they were doing exactly that!

Mrs May repeatedly stated that she would not call an election before 2020.

So how much can the electorate trust what she says.

Was her choice of Boris Johnson also a ploy? A popular Brexiteer. Also, a well-known fumbler. Placate the Brexiteers until he makes an international gaff ?

But anyway,    Labour have dropped 20 or so per cent since the election.

LibDems and a shadow of their former selves, before the coalition.

UKIP appear to be a rudderless, captainless ship in the doldrums.

Now let’s look at the timming.

A month after the County Council Elections.

We are having a continual stream of elections (and a referendum). No sooner do we get over on thing, before we’re onto another.

Indeed, the debates, ad-nauseam, about Brexit are still going on and this General Election – which could start all over again throughout the run up to the General Election.

Should the electorate get ‘election fatigue’ who will vote at the General Election. Could it be the lowest turnout for a GE yet?

If we the electorate do suffer election fatigue, I wonder if the majority of voters would be those with most to prove. The Labour votes, the LibDem voters and even the UKIP voters who want to ensure they get the Brexit that they intended.



The popularity ratings have changed considerably since this was written.

For an update please see www. https://the-lutterworth-cloud.uk/general-election-2017