7th February 2018 – Fire safety plan to reflect national changes

A new policy on fire safety in Leicestershire schools is being drawn up in light of national recommendations following the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

The County Council blueprint will reflect changes to legislation being considered by the Government and spell out when and where sprinklers should be fitted.

Since last July, the council has contacted all 281 county schools – including academies which are responsible for their own buildings – to make sure their fire risk assessments abide by current fire regulations.

Byron Rhodes, deputy council leader, said: “We take our responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of pupils very seriously and we expect schools and academies to do the same.

“Statutory regulations are followed when designing and constructing buildings and sprinklers have been fitted in schools over the last 10 years where required.

“But a new policy will provide a clearer approach and incorporate the fresh guidance we’re expecting from the Government.”

The council’s cabinet will discuss a report on fire safety on Friday (9 February) – the meeting can be watched online: www.leicestershire.gov.uk/webcast


There are 281 schools in Leicestershire – 174 of these are academies which are responsible for their own buildings.

The council is responsible for property at 95 of the remaining 107 schools – the other 12 are controlled by the Diocese or independent trusts.

Current Department for Education guidance says that sprinklers should be fitted in new schools and major extensions or refurbishments, apart from where risk assessments show they’re unnecessary because other fire safety measures are in place.