A very interesting Discussion on the Rutland Memorial Hospital.

This evening the Rutland Health plan group had a Zoom (internet meeting) with Andy Williams, Chief Executive Officer for the three CCGs in Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland.

Rutland has a similar issue as Lutterworth with a strong consideration of their hospital may be closed. Their feelings are very similar to Lutterworth’s but they have specific issues.

The meeting was similar to that recently facilitated by Albert Costa MP and the Mary Guppy Feilding Palmer Cottage Hospital Group. The general principal’s of Rutland’s concern was naturally very similar to those in Lutterworth. However, they have specific issues particular to their county.

During this evening’s discussion, Mr Williams made some extremely interesting comments.

There was much discussion about the Pre-Consultation Business Case (1,600 pages). One comment was that whilst it was said every household in Leicestershire would get a leaflet and an opportunity to take part in the survey. Many people in Rutland, like Lutterworth, hadn’t received the leaflet.

Further, it became apparent that there had been substantial changes to the plan since then and some of the survey questions was no longer pertinent.

Mr Williams said that he focused on where they were going to invest rather than where they were going to cut.

It was important that some of the older facilities were no longer fit (or economical) for purpose. And rather than continuing pouring money into the structure of such buildings, it was more sensible to replace them and spend the money that was keeping the old building up – into patient care.

Further Mr Williams said he has “no plans to close anything”. That he was “taking the treat off the table” and replacing it with opportunities.

He’s turning on its head the idea of fewer community beds.

So the future of the Rutland Hospital and the Feilding Palmer looks more promising.