Airplane roundabout – UPDATE

Hello All – a bit of news about the Frank Whittle Roundabout. Many people have been expressing their disappointment about the fact that it (and the aeroplane) may disappear as part of the Lutterworth East development, largely because we didn’t have clear information. Well now we have. Today, Harborough District Council have released their Schedule of Main Modifications to the Harborough Local Plan 2011 – 2031, following on from the Inspector’s Hearing back in October. I will be covering all of the details on my web site ( over the next couple of days, however here is what you want to know. The A4304 / A426 Rugby Road (Frank Whittle) junction will be developed as an upgraded roundabout ! The words “signalised crossroads junction” have been removed from the policy and replaced with “upgraded roundabout”. It doesn’t mention the ‘plane (unsurprisingly), however it would seem to me that if the roundabout remains, so could the ‘plane. That’s all – have a smile with your tea!