Aldi – Has submitted a Planning Application

As many people have expected and waited for –

Aldi have submitted a very comprehensive planning application.

19/00646/FUL Aldi Ai Food Retail Store

However comprehensive the application was, as often the case it was what wasn’t included that may be more important.

One of the long term considerations in Lutterworth hasbeen the air quality from the traffic. This no doubt will not be helped by either the Magna Park or the Lutterworth East developments.

However, it will be even more compromised by the traffic and the added congestion that the store will cause.

Having it’s entrance and exit between the Swift river and the Whittle roundabout, across the road from the St John’s entrance. Ironically, turning right out of the St. John Business park, Elms and Travelodge is not allowed, but the Aldi plan is to turn both left and right out of the supermarket.

There can be no doubt that the supermarket, will add to the traffic and congestion from the Whittle roundabout north as far as Bill Crane Way if not further.

In the planning application there is no Air Quality Impact Statement.

Currently, the planned site forms a part of the Flood Plain. Raising it will compromise it’s Flood Plain efficacy. Simialrly the hard surfaces, of the building and car park will substantially reduce the fields ability to drain water. Thus, the water will flow into the reduced flood plain. This will inevitably causing flooding either to the A426, The Fox (again!) and the surrounding area. Within the Planing documentation, there was no Flood Plain Risk Assesment.

These and other concerns such as if it were allowable within the Lutterworth Master Plan were all discussed in some detail at this week’s Lutterworth Town Council meeting, with members of the public in attendance and the councillors.

The addition of an Aldi store to Lutterworth, was universally seen as a benefit to the town, however, this may not be the best location.