Arson attack disrupts mobile library service

Leicestershire Live recently reported an arson attack on mobile library vehicle parked seemingly safe in a secure compound, at the rear of he  Lutterworth Library. The mobile library and the main Lutterworth Library are facilities that many people in our local communities rely upon for various services; from book borrowing to essential internet searches for employment opportunities.
The motive for an attack which must have taken some planning and effort to gain access the vehicle which is always parked in a secure compound surrounded by high security fencing. It is even more concerning that those responsible didn’t think of the possibilities of what could have happened, had the fire gotten hold. The library compound is in close proximity to the a fuel station, and it goes without saying that burning vehicles and vast amounts of flammable fuel are not a good combination. There are many houses and businesses in this part of the town and if the fire had somehow spread, the consequences could have been disastrous.
It is important the police are assisted in catching those responsible. If anyone has any information or saw anything suspicious in the early hours of Monday morning, please contact Leicestershire Police on 101.