Be VERY careful using ATM machines !

A tale of woe from a friend of mine  –


Very rarely use my debit card in an ATM these days but used it in one by M & S London Euston last friday – today get a call from my Banks fraud team, they have blocked suspicious transactions for nearly £6000 but two totalling £1100 gone through, i am assured i will get it back – the tell tale was a 10p transaction to Netflix! 
Glad the (my bank)’s  fraud team on the ball, oh and yes did the usual checks at the ATM, nothing seen.

He continued: –

I asked the member of Fraud Team about this, basically he said you can be on your guard but they are still finding a way to do it – your basic information is out in the world for any one to see or use, with that they are well on the way, new skimming machines blend in so well thicko’s like me didn’t notice!
Plus they are seeing a big spike at present.


Whilst this happened in London, we did have a spate in Lutterworth a few years ago, (whilst one of the CCTV cameras was away for repair!).

Do not be complacent. Check the machines before you use them, also check to see if anyone could possibly see you input your pin.

And Yes i did happen to me some years ago – I checked my statement to find a suspicious transaction – (Exactly £20:00) and rang my bank to ask them what the transaction was. I was suspicious as I’m not used to transaction being exactly  a complete number of pounds!