Blooming Lutterworth.

The Royal Horticultural Society recognises Blooming Lutterworth’s hard work.


A number of people on the Lutterworth Town Facebook page have been remarking on the poor state of the planting and weeding in the memorial gardens and in the town planters. A small group of us decided to tackle this problem head on. Many towns have wonderful summer displays and these are usually achieved by a group of volunteers.

After asking around we found that, though there have been voluntary efforts in the past, these have petered out. So, we thought, no more moaning, it’s time to get our gardening gloves on! We met with the Lutterworth Town Council who explained some of the issues they are having with the business who are contracted to work for them, in planting and grass keep, until the winter planting this year.

The council are extremely happy to help and support us in our efforts. Obviously, they need to see the outcome of our work and evidence of our commitment before they invest too much in what we are planning on doing. As a start we have agreed to do some ad hoc days over the summer to get the Memorial gardens weeded and cleaned up. We may also use a small amount of this time to weed town planters.

Monday 23rd July 2pm

Thursday 26th July 10am  

Friday 3rd August 10am

Wednesday 8th August 2pm

Thursday 23rd August 10am

Times and dates are varied to allow for some people with fixed commitments. In the future we hope to have some weekend dates. Watch the area and shops around the Memorial Gardens for posters.


1) Come to a work day if you can

2) come to the meeting in September

3) donate unwanted garden hand tools….trowels, hand forks and secateurs

4) if you own or manage a business, could you make a donation or sponsor us or donate equipment?

If you want to come PLEASE TELL ME!!! (a Private message ( is fine) We need to have an idea of numbers for insurance.

ALSO if you can bring your own gloves and kneeler AND/OR bring some hand tools….trowels, secateurs, hand forks… use and share THAT WOULD BE BRILLIANT!!

Put your name on them somehow. We will get our own stuff, but time is of the essence and the first day is only 2 weeks away. After the summer clear up sessions, there will be widespread publicity about a proper inaugural meeting in September to be held at Karter’s cafe on Wednesday 5th September at 7:30 pm

I appreciate there are people who will want to help who cannot do week days, so in September we will agree working party days and times to suit the majority. We will also set a proper, simple constitution then, so we can bid for grants etc.

The Royal British Legion are in support of our work. Although the garden is the responsibility of the Town Council, the legion clearly need to feel included and valued. It is the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 on 11/11/18 and it is a Sunday. We must do those boys and young men proud and make the gardens the best they can be in November!

THIS GROUP IS OPEN TO ANY RESIDENT OF LUTTERWORTH AND THE SURROUNDING VILLAGES OVER 16 YEARS OF AGE, whatever experience, whatever qualifications or lack thereof, whatever ability or disability…. there’s space for everyone in this group. The only people who will not be welcome, are those who make bullying or disparaging remarks to, or about, other group members, or who try to use the group solely to promote their own business.