BLOOMING LUTTERWORTH is off to a flying start

BLOOMING LUTTERWORTH is off to a flying start…with three work sessions completed and seven and a half 1metre sq bags of weeds and brambles, self seeded trees and hedge clippings removed.
We’ve also planted a whole row of plants that the contractors had marked as ‘spare’ all along the wall by Flackie’s, where we had dug out huge amounts of bind weed.
Thanks to everyone who has come and helped in whatever capacity.
If you’d like to support us but can’t, for whatever reason, join in with the work, there are three things you could do to help…
1) small donations of money towards costs of tools, plants and admin (posters and lines in swift flash etc) can be made by contacting me on PM online or via my email (see below) and I’ll arrange collection. Even a fiver helps. Cheques to ‘Blooming Lutterworth’
2) tell people what we are doing, spread the word and get your friends to do number 3!!
3) drop your green token in our ‘slot’ in Waitrose this month
4) when you are in the Memorial Gardens, have a look at the work and give us a friendly smile or word. You’ve no idea how motivating it is for someone to say hello when you are an hour into hard work in the baking sun with your arms covered in scratches and your forehead running with honest sweat.



Special thanks to :
Waitrose for their support
All the people who have stopped to talk to us during sessions
The lady who bought us six bottles of iced water one day last week
Danny and Sian at Karters café who keep us supplied with squash and allow us to use their loo.
The hard working council lads on Mark’s team who lift and carry and deliver things to the right place for us to work.

We hope to go on from strength to strength.


If you are at all interested in joining in any capacity at all, then we have a meeting on Sept 5th at 7:30pm in Karters café. Do come.
Liz Crosskey