On several occasions we have had a pickup around our cul de sac looking very suspicious indeed. Recently an Irish gentleman in a blue and white recovery type vehicle knocked our front door and asked my father “is that car for sale”, referring to my old, but perfectly road worthy Fiat. This was early on a bank holiday Monday! After being abruptly told “no” the man scurried away in haste.
Rather annoyed I mentioned the incident on Facebook and several local friends responded, telling of similar suspicious activities in another part of Lutterworth. Someone also told me that a man delivering for one of the town’s takeaway establishments had their vehicle stolen recently, whilst out delivering!
Since then I believe an attempt has been made to steal my car.
Not so long ago another friend of mine who runs a social club in a nearby village had two older vehicles removed from the club’s car park. A small recovery vehicle had been seen in the vicinity prior to the theft.