Car Security Advice from Blaby Police

Blaby Police5 January at 08:43 · 

We’re seeing a lot on social media that criminals are now using specialised devices to open and steal from locked vehicles 🤔🚘🔐

From the incidents we attend and the CCTV we view however we often find the targeted vehicles are unlocked so we thought we’d put this to the test…

Several days ago local officers targeted an area and simply ‘tried car doors’. In an hour, 30 vehicles were tried and 6 were found to be unlocked, some with personal property on display 💰

That amounts to 1 in 5 vehicles! 🚘 Easy pickings for a criminal! Luckily the owners were notified by the police.

💥The take home message is…

✔ Remove all valuables from your vehicle.
✔ Lock your vehicle.
✔ Double check.
✔ Report any suspicious incidents to the police.

Please help us to reduce crime in your local area.

– PS2985 Goldsmith 👮‍♂️