Clinical Commissioning Group


I decided to attend the CCG AGM in Oadby this morning and to learn a little more about what is proposed for The Feilding Palmer Hospital.

The meeting was actually quite informative.  I learnt that longevity in the area is above average and that the majority of patients are very happy with the service that they receive in Leicestershire surgeries.

I asked the Committee what their plans were for the hospital and stressed that we needed to expand and improve this hospital particularly with the ever increasing population in the local area.  I said it was of the most importance that Lutterworth kept a hospital in the Town.

Much to my surprise I felt that I had support.  The main problem at the moment is how to finance it due to the NHS cuts.  I stressed how strong the feelings were locally on this subject.

We must keep making a fuss, we are not without support. We need everyone in the area to voice their views.

It’s putting it into practice that is the problem. As one committee member said to me ‚‘“You are preaching to the converted but we just have to find a solution“ Watch this space!

Mary Guppy