Coffee and cake anyone?

Every Friday morning, at The Pavilion, behind the Leisure Centre, you will be
guaranteed a warm welcome at the Friday Coffee Club.
The very lovely and approachable Sian Lennon, voluntarily, runs a warm and
friendly mothers and babies/toddlers group. Friday Coffee Club is open from
9:45 to 11:45. You can stay for the whole session or pop in for as long as you
like. Admission for one child is £1.50 and for one or more children it will be
There is unlimited tea and coffee and delicious home-made cake. Fruit squash
is available for the children. Care is taken to make any ingredients which can be
allergens clear.
I visited the morning of Friday 15
September. It was a rainy, cold morning and
I was welcomed into Friday Coffee Club with offers of a hot drink and cake.
There were about 20 mums, dads, grans and other family members. There is
excellent security and peace of mind with a front door which can not be
opened by a child. Adults were sat in pairs and small groups around the edge of
the room chatting and relaxing whilst the children played. There was a great
selection of toys out from cars and bricks to small world play. In one corner was
a special area designated for babies with specific toys. Taking centre stage was
an area with safety mats and a slide. It is a free play session which allows
children to play and adults to relax and chat.
It was lovely to see new mums being approached and made to feel welcome.
Friendships were being solidified and new ones were being made.
There are toilets and baby changing facilities. There is both indoor and outdoor
covered shelter for prams and pushchairs.
I remember how important mum and toddler groups were to me when my two
children were young. It can be incredibly lonely being on your own with a little
one, especially after a sleepless night. Mother and toddlers groups offer
friendship, support and a chance for a breather whilst your kids can play in a
safe environment.
So, if you are a mum, dad, gran, aunt etc. and you fancy a coffee and a cake
with a big slice of friendship and room for your little one to play come along to
Friday Coffee Club
By Nickola Coughlan