Community Fun Day at Magna Park

For the past five years IDI Gazeley has held a free (yes free) fun day for the community of
Lutterworth. This event is to thank the local community for supporting Magna Park.
This year was my family’s first Magna Park fun day.
On Saturday 16th September it was a rainy morning when we drove onto Magna Park. Clear and
bright signage directed us to the Fun Day events. Security and parking attendants were easily spotted
by their bright yellow tabards and parking was plenty along the left side of the road.
As we approached the event we could see marques and fairground rides and hear the sound of Cross
Counties Radio playing popular music.
At the entrance to the event a large marque hosted a delicious hog roast, salads and hot dogs all
beautifully cooked by Neil Green. Free coffee, tea and squashes were readily available. Plenty of
tables and seats set up for people to enjoy the wonderful food.
There was face painting and bike riding to the left as you entered. Arriva Bus Company were offering
bus rides around the park and giving bags of goodies away. A very friendly Arriva representative was
manning a stall smiling and handing out balloons.
First Aid was on standby with an ambulance. Happily whilst I was there I only witnessed a bee sting
and nothing more serious.
There was a simulator with a variety of scenarios including Alton Towers. I was persuaded to join my
six year old on the simulator. She loved it and squealed all the way round. I must admit I kept my
eyes closed.
Two lovely gentle rides were available, teacups and a variety of vehicles to ride around on. Most
popular was small bumper cars where children and adults alike enjoyed bumping into each other,
Delicious pink candy floss was being enjoyed by many children. You could try your luck at winning a
prize by knocking down plastic bottles with 3 balls. Or you could try to shoot a stack of cans with a
cork gun.
A bouncy slide and covered inflatable kept children entertained and amused.
A fantastic circus entertainer was demonstrating and teaching children a variety of tricks and skills.
There was a wonderful sense of community and it was a very calm and happy atmosphere. People
really appreciated the freedom of not having to pay for anything.
There are divisive issues surrounding Magna Park, especially concerning the possible expansion but
today Magna Park provided a wonderful event well organised and generously funded for the people
of Lutterwoth. When we left we had a very happy six year old that had had a fantastic time.
By Nickola Coughlan