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Date                      16 Nov 2020

Issued by             Rupert Matthews

The City of Leicester to receive an extra £1.3 million to boost local cycling and walking infrastructure

  • Leicester to receive an extra £1.3 million from the Conservative Government to boost travel infrastructure
  • The Active Travel Fund is designed to create safe space for cycling and walking

Rupert Matthews, Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner, has welcomed news that the City of Leicester is set to receive an additional £1.3 million from the Government’s Active Travel Fund.

The funding is designed to solve some of the local traffic problems that the City of Leicester has recently faced.

According to Department for Transport Statistics there was a 31% rise in children reported killed or seriously Injured due to road traffic collisions between 2011 and 2018 in Leicestershire.

This investment is designed to make our streets safe and give the Leicester City Council an opportunity to make our road infrastructure fit for the 21st Century

The Government will stipulate that the City council will have to meet tough new conditions to ensure that schemes are properly thought out and that their impact on other road users are closely weighed up.

The people’s priorities are at the heart of this investment, the Council will be given time to ensure everybody has a chance to have their say and if proper consultations do not take place the funding will be suspended.

Investing in Leicester’s future is at the heart of the governments levelling up approach.

Commenting, Rupert Matthews said:

“Leicester’s road infrastructure is currently decades behind where it should be. We have to ensure that we are safe whether in a car, on a bike or walking as a pedestrian.

I trust that the City Council uses this investment to begin redeveloping the city’s roads to ensure they are fit for modern living.

“This Conservative Government was elected on a promise to level up the whole country – and investment such as this into our local infrastructure shows we are delivering exactly that.”

Also commenting, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

“It is vital to have the right travel infrastructure in place so everyone can use our roads safely.  

“This funding should help further realise that ambition, but councils must engage with communities to develop schemes that work for everyone – those that haven’t won’t be able to take their plans forward.”


For further information, please contact Rupert Matthews on 07721 455944.

Notes to Editors

  • We are providing £175 million to help upgrade travel infrastructure in local areas across England. As part of the Government’s Active Travel Fund, a further £175 million is being provided to local authority areas. The money can be used to fund measures including School Streets, where streets around schools are closed to motorists at school times; Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, where residential side streets are closed to through traffic to stop rat-running; segregated cycle lanes; and pedestrian improvements (DfT, News Story, 13 November 2020).
  • We are ensuring roads are protected for motorists and other users, and that local communities are consulted on planned changes. For this, which is the second round of funding from the Active Travel Fund, the Transport Secretary has set tough new conditions on councils receiving funding, requiring them to ensure schemes are properly thought out, and the effects of schemes on all road users are closely weighed up. Councils will also have longer to consult local communities (DfT, News Story, 13 November 2020).
  • This builds on the previous £250 million provided to councils, to help create emergency cycling and walking space during the first lockdown. The funding was used to create pop-up bike lanes with protected space for cycling, wider pavements, safer junctions and cycle and bus-only corridors in England, as people were urged to avoid public transport (DfT, News Story, 9 May 2020, link).
  • The Conservative Government will invest £2 billion to upgrade walking and cycling infrastructure across England. The Active Travel Fund is one part of this wider £2 billion investment, which will be accompanied by an updated Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy. The Government aims to double cycling and increase walking by 2025 (DfT, News Story, 9 May 2020, link).

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Rupert Matthews

Conservative Prospective Candidate to be Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire and Rutland