Covid Scams

There are so many covid scams out there, please be careful – here are some of them: –


Leicestershire County Council 

Have warned us of a scam email being sent

We know you are breaching Covid restrictions by continuing to work in the hair and beauty sector despite government guidelines stating this is prohibited. You have been reported to Leicestershire County Council and a member of our team will be visiting your premises soon. (End of message).

If anyone gets this message, please ignore it and do nothing. If you get this message or something not dissimilar and are distressed, they need to call the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 2231133.

It is suspected this will be followed up by another email saying pay us a fixed penalty of £xxx – please do not fall for it.



These are not the only scams around, they are an example of some of them – please be vigilant.