Dogs are members of the family too!

         Dogs are part of the family too!


Dogs are very important members of lots of families in Lutterworth. They are loyal, loving and great company. They help children understand responsibility, provide a source of exercise and are a great companion.

This is a picture of my dog Fudge and my daughter. Fudge is an old lady now, 13 years old in fact, and very smelly. Bless her! She was a breeding bitch for the Guide Dog Association and has had 6 litters of puppies. These puppies have gone on to become Guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs, dogs for the disabled and Police dogs to name a few. The Guide Dog Association do such important work.

I am writing about Fudge for two reasons;

  1. The Lutterworth Cloud’s Editor, Bill Piper, is bravely doing a parachute jump in aid of The Guide Dog Association on the 23rd September. We are hoping lots of people sponsor Bill to help this worthy cause. Go to the Just Giving Page online and help Bill help the Guide Dogs.
  2. Here at The Lutterworth Cloud we want to celebrate the wonder of our doggie family members. We want to hear from you, so please send in your photos of your dogs. Each month we will choose a dog of the month who will win a small prize and an opportunity to feature in The Lutterworth Cloud.


We are looking forward to meeting all the woof-er-ful members of the Lutterworth community. ( and please, if you can, sponsor Bill!)