Editorial 9th June 2017

I wondered when Mrs. May called the election, if she was wise to. Everything looked too rosy for her. Then Mr. Corbyn’s terrorist companion s came to light, followed by Ms. Abbott’s ‘illness’.

And yet Mrs May lost ground. As yet all we know is that there’s a hung parliament. Mrs. May says she’ll stay in No.10 but we’ve seen her change her mind before.

A strong and stable government she said – no more.

What we need is a period of stability she says. Well we had that before she called the election.

Probably the best comment came from a Dutch MP.

Well the dust is settling, the repercussions are about to start. The agony for the man in the street continues.

At risk – an economy, Brexit and a strong and stable Britain?


*Man means Man woman and any other person.