From Our New Correspondent : –


  Please allow me to introduce myself!


My name is Nickola and I have been lucky enough to call Lutterworth my home for over ten years now. I think Lutterworth is a wonderful small town to live and raise a family. The town has a fantastic community spirit and a friendly atmosphere. Lutterworth has many amenities and a great centre with independent shops.
I spent 7 years working at Sherrier Primary School where I enjoyed teaching the amazing local children. I feel very blessed to know so many children and therefore families of Lutterworth. I always enjoy speaking to past pupils who never fail to amaze me with how well they are doing.
I want to write for The Lutterworth Cloud because I think it is important to have a local paper which tells local news. There are so many things happening and events going on in Lutterworth which need to be reported and shared with the local community.
I am hoping to be reporting from and about local events, groups and news. But, to do this well I am going to need help from the people of Lutterworth. I need people to get in contact with myself with stories that I can share through The Lutterworth Cloud.
So, if you live in Lutterworth and have a local story to tell, event upcoming to share, group to promote or news item please get in touch with myself by email at the following address;


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