Further Safety concerns in social housing

The Grenfell Tower fire was an aweful wakeup call, that for those victims was far too late.

Since the Grenfell disaster it has come to light that much of our social housing is inadequate and in many cases damn right lethal, this is brutally highlighted in this article by the Guardian and in other media today;


We have for many years lived in a society that is accepting of people from all cultural and social backgrounds and this whole affair has brought to light the reality of those less privileged amongst us. 

The victims of Grenfell are  an example of those in power snubbing those on the bottom rungs of the wealth ladder.

We can only hope that this is addressed extensively and those resposible are held accoutable for their actions.

In this modern health and safety obsessed world, we all have a right to live in a place of safety that our families can call home.