General Election 2019

The Green Party 

Our environment – Weather extremes are on the increase and sea levels are rising. Climate change threatens our food, wildlife, economy, health and our future. This is the defining issue of our time and that is why we must make Climate Change the top priority. 

We need to make huge investments in renewables, energy efficiency, food and waste management and de-carbonising transport (public and private) as part of ambitious plans to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030. This investment makes sense, as it gives the best chance to avoid the costs and risks of climate catastrophe, help clean the air we breathe and would provide huge employment opportunities.

Your vote – Our first past the post election system results in the same two parties dominating parliament, restricting your representation, and is clearly broken. The Green Party believes in voting reform so that all people can have a meaningful vote. Under this broken system this election is unlikely to resolve Brexit.

Your future – The Green Party would invest more in the NHS and in education, both cornerstones of our society. But improvements to the environment would improve our own health and well-being and particularly that of our children 

Your community – We believe in providing more support for local communities and businesses. We believe that only sustainable, well planned local developments should be supported.


Vote for Nick Cox and the Green Party for a fairer, more sustainable UK and a safer, greener environment.



The Election – FULL FACT


This could be an exciting election, similarly I’m expecting it to be a vicious election.

I was surprised at the number of MPs standing down, but it appears to be quiet a normal number.

Still all the local parties have been invited to add their piece here – upto 250 words, a picture and party logo – the ones you see here are ALL of those that have responded.