Harborough District Council leader Blake Pain resigns

Harborough District Council leader Blake Pain resigns

in shock move at meeting. 


The Conservative leader of Harborough District Council Blake Pain has announced his resignation in a shock move at last night’s Full Council meeting.

The announcement comes as a result of frank behind-the scenes discussions with his own Conservative councillors, the Mail understands.

“My Group has decided that they want to take a different direction, a new approach, under a new leader” he told fellow councillors at the meeting.

He later added to the Mail: “Politics is politics – there’s no bitterness.”

Signs of strain within the ruling Conservative group on the council were evident in July, when half a dozen Conservative councillors criticised their own leadership in a public meeting.

They claimed that council funds were distributed unevenly round the district, with Market Harborough getting more than its fair share. A council team is now looking into the claim.

Cllr Pain’s decisive resignation means a new leader has yet to be chosen by the Conservative group. He will remain as Leader until the appointment of a successor.

Cllr Pain has led the council for four-and-a-half years, but said “the time has come for the baton to be passed on to a new leader”. He told councillors: “Under my leadership, we have become a far more strategic council, punching well above our weight.

He said the council had “sound finances ADVERTISEMENT with low council tax” and “presided over a growing local economy with a low level of unemployment”.

He said Harborough was now “one of the best communities in the country in which to live, do business and raise a family”.

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This would appear to be a continuation of July’s argument about the evenness of funding across the district.

’Uneven funding’ row hits Tories

The recent uneven funding row across the Harborough District Council shows why we need a stronger council.

Councilors that are not expected to tow the party line as Cllr. Pain expects.  “When you join a political party, you have to operate not as an individual or a maverick, but with the party you sign up to.”

I believe your responsibility is to the people in the town that vote for you, not some jumped up party puppet.