Harborough Rates have risen over 58% in real terms over the Past 20 Years

A recent Tax Payers’ Alliance report shows that the average rate rise, in real terms, over the past 20 years is over 50%

Harborough District Council’s rate rise is higher than the country’s average.

Council tax is back in the news this week as many local authorities are starting to announce by how much they will increase rates next year. Regular readers will be aware of our long term campaigning against such increases and the need for councils to eradicate wasteful spending. Be it high pay for council staff, booking business class flights or even just mind-boggling reckless spending, the TaxPayers’ Alliance will continue to call-out councils who cannot control their budgets.

We need your help to do this, do send us any information about examples of waste in your local council and we will hold them to account, either in the press or by organising an action day. Please send information to harry.fone@taxpayersalliance.com.

Our interactive map shows a council-by-council breakdown of the real terms increases in council tax in between 1997 and 2017. Across England as a whole it increased by 57 per cent in just 20 years!