Hospital Car Park Charges


The New Year is a favourite time to increase charges.

A number of hospitals are increasing their Car Park Charges.

Some of these hospitals are charging nurses to park their cars whilst they look after the sick. Nurses have borne the brunt of the recession with pay rise caps down as low as 1% per annum. – Yet their parking charges aren’t capped !

It is reported that the NHS receives a little more than £200 million from car park charges, which to you and I sounds a lot; but to the exchequer isn’t even chicken feed. (probably closer to his annual expenses !)

It’s claimed that this amount of money makes a ‘real’ difference to the hospitals, but it’s not charged in Scotland or many parts of Wales.

We at  The Lutterworth Cloud consider hospital Car Parking charges to be a tax on the sick and those caring for them and support the removal of all car park charges in hospital.

Should the rationale be that charges deter others from using Hospital car parks, then an alternative solutions are available.

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Similarly we would like to see terrestrial television and WiFi free for all patients staying over 24 hours. The costs to watch your favourite program, or get emails from your loved ones is extremely expensive, and we consider the providers are milking the sick.

Indeed free WiFi would be a great advantage to those waiting in A&E.

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What ‘should’ Hospitals charge for terrestrial television,


What about WiFi charges ?


How much should Hospitals charge for WiFi ?