How we are all risking fire in our homes.

Apart from some of the obvious fire risks that most of us are aware of there are more that we are not.

We probably are now fully aware of the problems of Whirlpool Tumble dryers that are likely to affect well over ½ a million dryers with a design fault.

What some of us are not aware of is the need to remove the lint, that collects in a dryer AFTER EVERY USE. Failure to do so can cause a fire in a well-designed unit.


Another risk, which I only became aware of recently, is plastic backed fridges and freezers. The one with a plastic back are far more apt to burn than those with a metal back.

Whilst refrigerators and freezers are designed to be left switch on every day of the year for years on end – sometimes – they do go wrong. It is now thought that it was such a plastic backed fridge or freezer that started the Grenfell fire.

Whilst many electrical goods are designed to be left plugged in, even a toaster – left plugged in but not in use – has been known to burn down a house.

However; the new and increasing danger is coming from the 21st century gadgets.

The tablets, the mobile ‘phones, lap tops and E cigarettes.

There are at least five areas of danger in day to day life with these products.


Overcharging batteries has two effects:-

  • It over heats the battery
  • It shortens the batteries life


  • When a device is being used the battery also heats up and the heavier the usage the greater the heat generated. – so when ever using or charging a device do not do it in bed, where you may fall asleep and the device enjoys the warmth and insulation of the bed ….
    • (like many years ago were we told not to smoke in bed!)


  • Using the wrong charge. Yes I am so sorry to tell you, that just because is has the same plug on it – DON’T USE IT unless it’s the dedicated charger.


  • Be careful how you transport batteries, even if in your pocket. Try to isolate the terminals, if by nothing else than putting insulating tape over the terminals. Lithium-ion batteries have been know to ignite in people’s pockets. There are strict regulation to posting, freighting and carrying these batteries on aeroplanes. If in doubt – check.


  • And as a definite NO – NO is using your ‘phone whilst charging it.


If in any doubt – contact the local Fire prevention officer,