“Japanese car producers, including Nissan, have said that Brexit uncertainty is not helping them “plan for the future”.”


This to my mind is a fairly obvious statement.

The uncertainty isn’t helping anyone – those that want to stay here, those that want to leave, those that export, import or want to invest.

Not even those wanting to buy houses.

The uncertainty, is currently, the worse bit about Brexit.

The referendum was full 32 months ago. And we don’t have an iota of what will happen.

There is no guarantee that an extension to Article 50 will produce anything, other that further uncertainty.

We are entering the election season in Europe. So, it is safe to assume that most of the EU countries are going to be a little pre-occupied for a few months.

This would suggest that, assuming Article 50 is postponed, there is going to be no movement for the first 3 or 4 months. –

The only benefit of this is to continue the uncertainty.


Do we really want a ‘No Deal’ exit – which actually is mis-named – It would be a WTO (World Trade Organisation) exit. – I seriously think the answer in NO.

However, I am suggesting a WTO exit on March 29th. Why?

Well, because I believe that the Current deal is worse than staying in the EU – never mind the backstop – that’s just a smoke screen.

I am definitely against an extension of the Article 50 – so that leaves a WTO exit.

In my opinion – and that is what an editorial is about – I believe that the advantages of a WTO exit on 29th March are, two fold:-

We stop the uncertainty. People and industry etc can start working on their future – we should see the pound regain its losses and the stock market gain in value.

A WTO exit will focus the minds of our European partners to came to some real agreement. Until then the politicians are playing a game, like poker or chicken, brinkmanship – see who will blink first. That’s no way for the future of our country to be decided.