Lack of discretion from parking attendant



Many of us have seen and been outraged by this video circulating social media. I have had to watch it couple of times as the attitude of the parking attendant is unbelievable.


This parking warden slaps a ticket on an AMBULANCE 😱 😡

This parking warden slaps a ticket on an AMBULANCE 😱 😡

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We see in this video the parking attendant clearly has a severe lack of common sense and indeed gratitude to the work of our emergency services. The problem with many traffic wardens/parking attendants is they lack the ability to use common sense and discretion. In fact I feel that some even enjoy bringing misery to people going about their daily business.   If people are being outright inconsiderate with where they park their vehicle, then a penalty is possibly justified. However in many situations, perhaps a warning would surely suffice!

This article in the Northwich Guardian is an interesting read!

Post by D Hughes