Local District Councillors to be Censured.

Local District Councillors to be Censured.


Recently we were made aware of disquiet in the Conservative Party in Harborough District Council.

In April we say headlines of Councilors that are not expected to tow the party line as Cllr. Pain expects.  “When you join a political party, you have to operate not as an individual or a maverick, but with the party you sign up to.” Because some of his members dared to suggest that some of HDC’s money ought to be spent this side of the M1.


Later we saw a surprise resignation of Cllr. Pain. Many of us assume it was because of the spending issue.



The question seems to be about the spending of £20m for a new sports center in Market Harborough, a considerably smaller amount to be spent re-vamping the Lutterworth sports center, whilst denying Brought Astley any money for sports facilities.


This seems to have brought about a them and us reaction in the Conservative group, them on one side of the M1 and us on the other!


Now we are led to believe that the Conservative District Councilors that stood up for the people West of the M1 are to be censured.  This we are led to believe was by a  casting vote, after a split decision.


So, whilst many of us remember being taught that – our representatives* are there to represent OUR views and OUR needs, this made it evident, that as far as the local Conservative party is concerned they are they to sing to the conservative party’s tune.


Didn’t we see a similar attitude from HDC over our allotments ?


Local Councilors to be Censured !

Should your elected representative follow their party dogma, or what you the people believe, need and want ?


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*Councilors, District Councilors, County Councilors, Members of the hoses of Commons and Lords.

N.B. The article has been complied by third hand reports. Therefore they made be  a few minor inaccuracies.

The dividing line of the M1 maybe more ‘poetic’ than accurate.