Lutterworth Crime

The theft from the ATM in Linden Drive recently is the fourth in Leicestershire with two months.
The others: – 13th July Ashby de la Zouche
27th July Stoney Stanton
13th August Castle Donnington
8th September Lutterworth
Also, close to the Leicestershire border, in South Nottingham shire there have been other ATM thefts.

It is interesting that the digger used in Stoney Stanton and the cash cassettes from the Linden Drive machine were found in Gilmorton. Could this be a link?

Well that link might be broken because whilst the other thefts used diggers, the Lutterworth theft used a gas canister to break into the cash machine.

So IS the crime rate in Lutterworth increasing?
Well in the short term it is, but it’s only coming back up to the level it was in 2011.
The orange line is the annual rate
The blue is the rate for the first six months of each year.

A number of people will immediately claim, it’s because we no long have a police station in Lutterworth. Certainly, we have little overt police presence; that and alleged wait of 20 to 25 mins for the police to attend Lutterworth certainly would give a rationale to peoples concerned. Indeed, it has been suggested that the police have to come from Hamilton to Lutterworth, rather than Market Harborough where they used to come from.

So let’s make this clear, we are not attacking, nor blaming the police. We are attacking (and blaming) successive governments for reducing the funding and support to the Police forces through the country.
It was suggested to me that because the crime rate was falling (a few years ago) that that might be used as the reason for cutting services to Lutterworth in preference to places with higher rates.

Such is the position with some police forces up and down the country, that they are recruiting ‘Retired Officers’ back into the fold to help them out. A bit like ‘New Tricks’ but on live cases!

So what should the people of Lutterworth do.
Well the proper thing to do is to write to our MP. And we’re sure he’ll (or any other MP in the government) will reply with a very sympathetic letter saying that times are tough – we still have austerity and Lutterworth is, comparatively a safe place to live and that the government has greater issues in other parts of the country. MPs in other parties might well say it’s this government’s mishandling of the economy and law and order. (even if from one of the parties that also reduced the Police funding!).

The other excuse that the MPs might use is, if you want better policing, it’ll cost more in rates and taxes. Or where do you want us to spend the limited money – on Police, schools or hospitals. All good motivational stuff. But really all smoke and mirrors, to avoid the situation.

Another way would be to start a petition. The only one, that we’re aware of that promises an answer is the Government petitions. But, they will probably reply as above.

Maybe the best way to get action locally is if the Conservative strong hold on their seat locally was actually threatened. Then they might listen.