Lutterworth Hospital

The Commissioning Body are having a stall on Thursday 19th July in the market place   in Lutterworth to discuss care in the community.  Maybe if you are in Lutterworth it would be a good thing to go along and state your views re proposed closure of the hospital.


One personal opinion to this was :-

What a complete bunch of clowns. They have picked one of the quietest weeks of the year to come to Lutterworth. So much for inclusive community discussions. There will pretty much no ‘families’ !!!

How are they going to get a wide enough section of the public to get a true reflection of the services required.

Even the chip shops close this week!

Someone needs to call their decision into question.

Sounds like a typical CCG doing a half hearted job with a decision at short notice to get the smallest amount of publicity.

Shame on them.