Lutterworth Town Council – Press Release



Harborough District Council have published their Local Plan to run to 2031.

Lutterworth Town Council (LTC) has considered the proposals within the Local Plan document and their potential impact upon Lutterworth, and feels that it is appropriate that the views of LTC are shared with the residents of Lutterworth.  For clarity, the Local Plan sets the framework and “rules” for development within the area, and any prospective planning application (large or small) MUST adhere to those rules.  It is therefore in the interests of Lutterworth residents that the Local Plan, while allowing for development, is sympathetic to the needs of the Lutterworth Community.  

Lutterworth Town Council fully understands the need for more housing, particularly affordable and social housing.  However, as the proposed development will be deemed to be part of a new, expanded Lutterworth Town, it is essential that the new neighbourhood is developed in accordance with a publicly supported masterplan, that includes delivery and phasing arrangements.  This means that extensive consultation must take place with local residents and stake holders.

Lutterworth Town Council objects to the provision of further warehousing on land adjacent to the eastern side of the M1 Junction 20.  Warehousing is provided for in Policy BE2, set out in the Plan,  and restricts the development to land on or immediately adjacent to Magna Park, defining a limit of an additional 700,000 square metres.  This figure has already been allocated through existing planning permission and draft applications, and therefore the proposal for further warehousing must be removed.

Lutterworth Town Council is concerned about the provision of educational facilities as a result of the new development.  While the proposal states that two new primary schools will be built, it requires the first of these facilities to be able to take a single form entry by the September prior to the building of the 300th new house.  LTC believes that this will place too great a strain on the current facilities within Lutterworth, and that a new facility must be available in the September prior to the building of the 100th new house.  Further, the proposals for secondary education are scant, stating that appropriate contributions will be made if necessary.  LTC’s view is that contributions are made towards secondary education that comply with the Education Development Developer Contributions Policy.  This will ensure that the requirement for financial contributions will be established based on additional student numbers, rather than a subjective perspective of need.

Lutterworth Town Council is concerned about the provision of new neighbourhood facilities, and believes that the phasing of those new facilities must be agreed with the local community, as well as with the local planning authority.  Further, that the provision of new Doctor’s surgeries should be made after considering whether it would be beneficial to expand existing facilities first.

A major issue is that Lutterworth Town Council originally agreed to support the proposal of the new development on the basis that a by-pass, or Eastern Relief Road, was provided in order to reduce the level of traffic that uses Lutterworth Town Centre as a through route to Rugby, the M1 and beyond.  These proposals do not provide for this, and instead refer to a “Spine Road” which would in effect merely service the new development, leaving the A426 Leicester Road as the primary trunk road through the area.  LTC believe as follows:

  • that all references to the “Spine Road” within the entire policy be replaced with the words “Eastern Relief Road”.
  • That the road in question is built before the commencement of the new development
  • That the Eastern Relief Road is designed to have the capability of carrying HGV traffic, and that it is intended that it will be the preferred route for all HGV and car through traffic that currently uses the A426.  This will have the effect of reducing traffic through Lutterworth, and will have beneficial consequences for both noise and air pollution levels.

Lutterworth Town Council, while in principle supporting the concept of the new development, are determined that Lutterworth as a whole will benefit from the investment, with improvements being seen in facilities, air quality, noise reduction, and traffic reduction.  Further, LTC are determined that increased warehousing will not stray from the current Magna Park area, and the development of offices and light industry will not serve as a physical barrier between the old and new communities.

The above statements deal with the main points that affect Lutterworth, although they are not exhaustive.  It should be remembered that everybody in Lutterworth is entitled to comment on any part of the Schedule of Main Modifications to the Local Plan proposal, and this can be done by letter or email to the following addresses. 

by email to,

or by post to     Strategic and Local Planning Team

 Harborough District Council

Adam and Eve Street

Market Harborough

LE16 7AG

Comments MUST arrive before 12 noon on Tuesday 26th February 2019 otherwise they will be ignored.

For further information, please contact the Lutterworth Town Clerk on 01455 550225