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Unemployment, disability, benefit entitlement, housing issues, and illness can all lead to people falling on hard times financially. Often it is circumstances that are beyond a persons control that can bring the wolf to the door and those people ​often are​ reluctant to ask for help. Whilst I am far from being ‘well he​eled’, I consider myself very lucky in that I have a roof over my head and have never gone hungry, even in lean times. I therefore cannot begin to imagine how it must feel to be forced into a position where one cannot afford to feed oneself, let alone their dependants. For some parents it can be a choice of skipping meals themselves, feed​ing​ their children or switching the heating on. In such circumstances

in our community,​ there is thankfully the option of using a foodbank. Lutterworth and Villages Foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust Foodbank Network which was founded in 2004.

Our local Foodbank has been in operation since January 2014 and has Distribution centres in both Lutterworth and Countesthorpe. ​It has been providing help for those who are in financial crisis and cannot afford to put food on the table or buy the very basics of household supplies.

During times of hardship, people in need may be able to obtain a Foodbank voucher from one of the many referral agencies in our area. Once they have been given a red voucher, ​

they can ​exchange this for ​a​n emergency parcel of non-perishable ​items​  such as tinned and dried foodstuffs that ​caters for 3 meals a day for at least 3 days, for every member of the family. The ​F​oodbank also provides (if available)​ other necessities to help see them through difficult times; such as toilet rolls, ​toiletries, ​babies’ nappies etc.

​ ​In order to access the Foodbank’s services, ​client’s must be​ referred to the ​F​oodbank ​by front-line professionals such as​  their ​D​octor, Health Visitor,​ ​S​ocial ​W​orker, ​P​riest and by ​other referral agencies that hold vouchers. Lutterworth and Villages Foodbank is predominantly run by volunteers and ​entirely​ funded by donations of food and monetary gifts to keep the project running​. The service not only provides those in need with emergency food but also support in a variety of ways from a confidential​ listening ear to referrals to other charities and organisations that could help resolve the issue in the long term. In a society where financial strains are ever more prevalent, foodbanks like Lutterworth and Villages Foodbank are ensuring nobody in our community has to go hungry. The help of the public is essential as the foodbank needs a continual supply of food donations and funds to ensure they can continue to help those in need. Regular posts of items they are in short supply of can be found on the food bank’s social media pages. Facebook –  Lutterworth and Villages Foodbank and Twitter – @LuttFoodBank.

Donations of items can be made at many locations in the area. Some of the Lutterworth drop off points include Waitrose supermarket, St Mary’s Church, Lutterworth Co-op (Linden Drive) and Age Concern. They would also greatly appreciate financial donations, to help cover the running costs of the project. You can donate online via the red DONATE button on the website, plus other information on how to help can be found there:

Article and photos by Daniel G Hughes


The food bank are always in need of contributions, this is a list of often needed items :-

Crucial items:
​Tinned ​Spaghetti
​Tinned ​Vegetarian​ items​
Tinned Fruit
Custard​ – tinned and packet​
Sponge Puddings​​
Fruit Juice
All types of long life milk
​Instant Mash
Tinned Potatoes
​Tinned mixed beans, kidney beans, lentils etc. ​

We ​like to ​offer these items if we can:
Hot Chocolate
Toilet rolls
Savoury Biscuits
Snack Bars
Rice Snacks
Pasta Snacks

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