Magna Park is Big Enough – Update 25th August 2017.

Magna Park is Big Enough


On Wednesday afternoon a panel of HDC councillors agreed to recommend to the HDC Executive that the Local Plan 2011-2031 includes the following statement about the Magna Park area:

“Additional development of up to 700,000 sq mts for non rail-served strategic storage and distribution (Class B8) use will be permitted……….”

By coincidence 700,000 sq mts is the area of warehousing that IDI Gazeley and dbSymmetry are currently applying to build around Magna Park.

NOW is the time to write to your district councillor telling them that you do not want this level of development to be allowed in our area.

The Executive meets on the 4th September so you need to write to your district councillor in the next few days. After the Executive meeting the full Council will consider the draft Local Plan on Monday 18th September. Remember to turn up at 6pm outside the Council House in Market Harborough to demonstrate your opposition to the draft Local Plan.

You can find the details of your district councillor on

Here are some questions that you might like to put to your district councillor.

· Why do we need 10,000 low paid, low skill jobs in the area given the low levels of unemployment?

· How will 10,000 similar jobs prevent out-commuting for work?

· How will the jobs created at Magna Park satisfy the need to create more jobs for higher skilled residents?

· How will the increased volumes of in-commuting made necessary by the creation of these jobs help to improve air quality?

· How would expanding Magna Park support the broad aims of the Local Plan e.g. improved air quality, protecting the countryside?

Please use your own words and raise the issues that concern you the most.

Below is the e-mail that you received a few days ago. This includes more information about the Local Plan 2011-2031.

You can find more information on

Thanks for your support

Magna Park is Big Enough

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