Magna Park Expansion – Decision

Thursday saw the Harborough District Council planning committee meeting held at Hanger 42, Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome.

There were many people turned out, a quiet a few who wanted to speak against as well as some for.
Those people spoke on many subjects, some of which are:-

A village councillor mentioned that the queues of traffic on the A426 from the M6 roundabout to the Gibbet Roundabout were already more than twice the length that the Traffic planners were expecting after the expansion of Magna Park.
There are improvements planned for the Whittle and Gibbet roundabouts, but nothing for the M1 and M6 roundabouts,
It was also reported that, even mid-morning (not during rush hours) there was queuing on the main carriageway of the M6 to leave the motorway at the A426 roundabout.
Remember, it was queuing on the carriageway of the M6 at the Cathorpe interchange, that made it one of the dangerous part of the British Motorway system. The reason why the government found money, in a recession, for the revamp of the Cathorpe interchange.

The revamp of the Cathorpe interchange now means there is no slip road from the M6 to the M1 – Northbound. This is adding to the traffic from the South bound M6 up the A426, through the Gibbet roundabout to the Whittle roundabout.

The extra employees will add to the traffic issues in and around the area, possibly adding to the accidents which are already increasing around Dunton Bassett, Shuttleworth Lane and other areas.

It is said that the expansion of Magna Park will be good for jobs.
It is well known fact that Lutterworth has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Britain.
It is estimated that the number of employees working at Magna Park has never reached 10% of the total.
The shortage of jobs in the area is of skilled jobs.
The companies, in Magna Park, currently struggle to fill less skills roles and HGV drivers.
The average commuting time to Magna Park is currently 30 mins. Increasing the average driving time.

The air pollution in the Lutterworth has been poor for years. Part of this is due to the lorries climbing the High Street but most if blamed on the M1. The increase of lorries and commuters up and down the M1, the A426 the M6 and the A5, not to mention the extra M6 coming up the A426 to join the M1 cannot improve the air quality.
One can only assume that the stopping and starting of traffic at the two new roundabouts, proposed on the A5, can only add to this problem.
It is now said that Air pollution is a more severe threat to life than passive smoking.

Warehousing in Leicestershire
It is considered that there is a need for 600sqM of warehousing in Leicestershire. There are plans already in the county for more than that.
There still two warehouses in Magna Park that have never been used since the day they were built.
This all questions the rationale of building more.

Joined up Thinking
Whilst Magna Park is within the ‘Golden Triangle’ we are seeing similar warehouse being built all the way from Luton to Stoke on Trent (Amazon having built in Coalville).
This already will already affect, the M1, M6, M42, A426, A5, A50.
Whilst, we have an estimated figure for Leicestershire, how does this affect the building at all these other areas?
Where is the joined-up thinking?
Alberto Costa MP
The local MP has said that whilst he thinks that Magna Park is not a good idea for his constituency, it might be good for the country.
In making this comment did he consider the developments in the other areas?
In making these comments, did he not realise his job is to represent HIS constituents?
Where was he during the meeting, should he not of been there supporting his constituents?
Listen to what he said in Jan 2016

Finite Resources
We have two finite resources. Resources for which there are not renewable or replaceable. Time and Land.
Indeed, because of land erosion, the land area is decreasing. Plans, such as the expansion of Magna park could be considered to be very extravagant. – They include concreting over acres for the buildings and tarmacking over further acres for parking. Is so many other countries they build multi-level building including factories, carparks, supermarkets and solar farms on the roof.

Harborough District Council (HDC).
It was alleged that HDC were happy to put the warehousing facility and associates problem to the far West of there are to reap the benefits from the incomes – only to be spent in the East of the area. Indeed, it was pointed out than none of the planning committee represent anywhere West of the M1.
This follows other such complaints and allegations levelled at HDC.