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Seemingly, the latest safety measure in the USA schools, Is to arm the teachers !!!



Mom Horrified After Dog Throws Child Across Yard

19th June 2017  Costa Rican president accidentally eats wasp live on air during speech

While mid-sentence at a press briefing at the inauguration of an asphalt plant in Paso Real, Puntarenas, a wasp flew at the president who accidentally swallowed the insect.

See the Video  – https://www.rt.com/viral/392934-costa-rican-president-eats-wasp/




A Very British Shark Attack!

8th June 2017

The Daily Mail tells the story of what it calls a “very British shark attack”. Rich Thomson was surfing off the Devon coast when what was thought to have been a smooth hound shark – three feet long – bit his thigh.

He bashed it on the head and it swam off, leaving him with a badly cut hand and a bruised leg.

Experts tell the Mail that it is the first time a surfer has ever been attacked by a shark in British waters – a fact that did not impress Mr Thomson’s wife. On returning home late, Mr Thomson explained he had been bitten by a shark. “I’ve heard that one before”, she replied.