Phoney Emails – The follow up

Another example of a fake email. A real one I received today !

This actually was quite obviously fake, because I do not have a NatWest account (a bit of a give-away)


However, there are five other give a ways.

  1. This is not a NatWest email address
  2. Most banks either include your name, or part of your name, account number or post code as an indication that it’s genuine Please DO NOT accept that solely as proof it’s genuine.
  3. I doubt that NatWest uses Cyrillic characters in a link!
  4. NatWest Online Security Corporation – doesn’t exist !
  5. And the fifth one – well if you were to click on the link ( AND I SERIOUS ADVISE YOU NOT TO !!!)

Look at the web address – I doubt very much if NatWest would use a web address like this.


And I really don’t care how professional the page looks – It’s a wrong’un !!!


So just look and THINK – does it look right – any questions at all – it’s probably a phishing scam – and to be binned !



Whilst my comments here refer to NatWest, that’s purely because it was a NatWest Email and I would apply the exact same comments to ANY bank or financial institution