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Remembrance 2020

Posted on October 14, 2020 Under Events

As you might imagine, the way that we mark Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day are going to be very different this year. However, I believe that it is really important that we still take time to remember and honour those who have given their lives, livelihoods and comfort for our sake.

We have been in discussions with the local Royal British Legion and Town Council to try and work out how we can help the community to participate in something this year.

Yesterday evening, I heard from the chairman of the local RBL that they have been instructed not to be involved with any Remembrance event of over 6 people.  This is obviously disappointing, but it is right that our local group follow the instructions of the central organisation. I very much hope that they will be able to be

However, I believe that it is right that Lutterworth continues to honour those who have given so much for our peace and security. The Town Remembrance Service has always been more than a British Legion event, as has included civic representatives, the Town Council, cadets and uniformed groups, as the whole town gathers in an act of remembrance.

The guidance from the Church of England allows for churches to continue to hold services, following all the precautions.  Whilst this will only be able to include limited numbers, I believe that we can still make this a significant act of remembrance.

There will be a number of changes this year.

  • We are having to significantly restrict the number of people in the church for the service.  We estimate that we can safely accommodate about 100 people.  This means that we’re going to have to be especially creative to include people.
  • To this end, it will be necessary to book tickets for the service. We will give priority to service personnel, veterans and their families, so please contact the Church Office to book a seat or book online.
  • Usually the church is full and a sound feed is sent out to the memorial garden.  As there can be no gathering of more than 6 people, there will be no public event at the memorial garden.
  • We will be streaming the service online so that people at home can watch it and not feel the need to gather publicly.

But many features of the service will remain.

  • We are still planning to hold a service, beginning at 10.45 on Sunday 8th November.
  • We hope to involve as many different organisations and people as possible.  To that end we would love to include a representative from many of the different groups in the town. 
  • We will still hold a 2 minute silence at 11am – hopefully those watching online around the town will be able to join in.
  • We will still be hosting the brass band, although we will not be able to sing. (They have their own guidance, which they will be following carfeully.)

In the coming weeks I will be inviting various local dignitaries, including

  • The Town Mayor and local Councillors
  • The Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire
  • Our Member of Parliament Alberto Costa
  • The Police and Crime Commissioner, Lord Bach
  • Representatives of the Uniformed Organisations and Cadets
  • Anyone else suggested to us.

How can you help?

Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in the service – we want to involve the broadest possible representation from the town. Click here to email me (Charlie).

If you are a service person, veteran or family member of one, please book as soon as possible to ensure that we can fit you in. Click here to book.

For everyone else, it will be possible to book a seat from the 1st November. Please book online or call us.

Please read and abide by any safety restrictions we put in place to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Safety Precautions

  • The church has undergone rigorous risk-mitigation procedures in recent months and we are confident that if everyone co-operates we are covid-secure.  This includes regular cleaning and the removal of soft-furnishings.
  • The numbers will be limited according to our ability to seat everyone with appropriate space.  There will be a ticketing system in place – as we currently have for all our Sunday services.
  • Everyone will be wearing face-coverings for the whole event, except for those speaking from the front, who will be separated by distance.
  • The service will be streamed live online to encourage people to stay at home, rather than congregate in the centre of town.
  • [UPDATED] We will operate a 1-way system in the churchyard and through the church to enable proper social distancing.

Ongoing Developments

We will keep this page updated as and when things change.

UPDATE: 21/10/20

I received an email from the Deputy Town Clerk today recommending that we institute a one-way system in the Churchyard. The Town Council has recommended that people exit onto St Mary’s Road. We will seek advice to work out if this is possible, given that it is a public right of way.

The email also reads, “There will be no official attendance from the Town Council at the Church service on Sunday 8th November 2020. Lutterworth Town Council hopes that we can all work together during these uncertain times to maintain the public’s safety. ”

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