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 Hygiene Ratings
When eating out, or buying food prepared on the premises the premises are inspected by a food safety officer.

They then give each premise a hygiene rating.

Some place publish their hygiene rating on their windows – or in adverts.

But what do these hygiene rating mean and should we take notice of them.

Well, Yes, I think we should take notice of them, after all it could affect your health and that of you companions.

There are six ratings. From:-   Urgent Improvement Necessary                   ZERO

                                                     Major Improvement Necessary                    ONE

                                                     Improvement Necessary                                 TWO

                                                     Generally Satisfactory                                     THREE

                                                     Good                                                                       FOUR

                                                     Very Good                                                            FIVE

Most business in Lutterworth have a three or higher rating. But surprisingly one still only has a one rating.

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