Speeding fines from April 2017

The new rules for speeding fines come into affect from 24th April 2017. There are now three bands (A, B and C) and your speeding fine amount payable depend on your weekly wage from your employment. The other factor affecting how much your speeding fine will be is the circumstances within which you were caught speeding. For example, if you were caught in a highly populated area such as London the fine would be higher. Another factor considered is weather conditions such as was it raining and should you have been taking more care by driving below the speed limit? Previous convictions will also be looked at when your speeding fine is calculated.

New speeding fines calculator

The two tables below explain the percentage of your weekly income that determines your speed fine.

How to calculate your weekly wage: To calculate you weekly income simply divide your annual income by 52. If you earned £20,000 annually. Your weekly wage is 20,000 / 52 which is £384.62.

How to calculate your speeding fine: Use the second table below to find the percentage of your weekly wage the speed fine will be calculated at. To calculate percentages simply multiply your weekly wage by the percentage (i.e. 50% would be 50, 175% would be 175, etc.) and then that number divided by 100.

Speed limit Recorded speed of your vehicle by the police in MPH (Bands A, B and C)
Band C Band B Band A
20mph 41 and above 31-41 21-30
30mph 51 and above 41-50 31-40
40mph 66 and above 56-65 41-55
50mph 76 and above 66-75 51-65
60mph 91 and above 81-90 61-80
70mph 101 and above 91-100 71-90
Points/Disqualification Disqualify 7 to 56 days or 6 points Disqualify 7 to 28 days or 4 to 6 points 3 points

Adjustments rates

The amount you are fined for speeding is adjustable by the enforcing police officer or court attended. The below table explains the starting point which is the normal speeding fine (as a percentage of your weekly wage). The range explains the lowest to the highest monetary speeding fine you can be made to pay for a speeding offence. Generally it is 25% more and 25% less than the starting point of the speeding fine.

Starting Point Range
Fine Band A 50% of weekly income 25 – 75% of weekly income
Fine Band B 100% of weekly income 75 – 125% of weekly income
Fine Band C 150% of weekly income 125 – 175% of weekly income