Speeding – it just isn’t worth it.

I have just completed a Speed Awareness Course. Yes, I admit it I was speeding.

I learnt three very interesting things, and there was a fourth lesson that I already knew. They lessons I learnt I believe are so interesting that I feel I ought to share them.

What Is the Speed limit on this road.

It’s very simple.

Is it a Motorway –

      YES – Then National Speed Limit

          Why do we say ‘National Speed Limit’ (NSL)

          Well simply because the National Speed limit depends upon the vehicle you’re driving.

      NO – Are there street lights?

      NO – The National Speed Limit

      YES – Then it’s 30 mph, UNLESS there are repeaters. – these are spaced between 10 and 15 secs apart – if driving within the speed limit !



I’m only doing 1 or 2 mph above the limit – what’s the difference ?

The greatest ‘difference’ is the stopping distance.

Remember – the force of impact is related to the Square of the speed.

Simply, if you’re doing twice the speed – the force at impact is 4 times.


Driving at 30 mph the stopping distance is 23m (75ft).

Driving at 31 mph, you’re still doing 8 mpg at 23m.

At 35 mph you’d still be doing 18 mph.

And at 40 mph you’ll be doing 26 mph, or almost the speed limit!

So THAT’s the ‘difference’


I’m driving fast because I’m late

Imagine driving down the M1 from Lutterworth J20, to the start of the M1 on the North Circular road (Staples Corner) – that’s about 80miles, therefore, IF you could drive consistently along that route at 80 mph, compared with the maximum speed limit of 70 mph. You’ll actually save less time than you take having a comfort break (less than 10 mins).


And the one thing I already knew –

Driving faster burns more fuel.

Sometime I drive and I get 80 mile per gallon – on a similar route I might only get 50!

We hunt around for a penny or two less on the price of the fuel, around 1% – but taking a bit of weight off the loud pedal could save you much more – 10% easily – maybe 20 or 25%. (and save you from points and fines – and maybe a life or two – possibly YOURS!).