Terms and Conditions

Advertisement Terms and Conditions.


Although every effort will be made to meet advertisers wishes, the publishers do not accept responsibility for inaccuracies in advertisements or in consequences arising. Furthermore, the publishers do not accept any responsibility for one or more of a series of advertisements being omitted for any cause whatsoever nor do they guarantee the insertion of any advertisement on a specified date, or in a specified section of the paper. They reserve the right to amend or omit or reclassify or suspend any advertisement previously ordered without giving a reason or prior notice to the advertiser. No responsibility is accepted for the loss or damage to copy, or error in the printing. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure conformity with current legislation. All advertisements are accepted in good faith. Placing an order with The Lutterworth Cloud will signify acceptance of the above conditions.

The publishers cannot take any responsibility for the content of the adverts. Whilst we will try to ensure each and every advert is true, fair and honest, the responsibility must be held by the advertiser.



We will refund money against any bookings for advertising that has been already been paid for.

When placing and paying for an advertisement, it is understood that, because each advertisement is customised to the advertiser’s requirements and because of our production deadlines, no refund will be made for cancellations within 7 days of expected publication.


 We welcome contributors from anyone, whether New, Photographs, letters or comments.

We will always try to verify the accuracy of articles, letters and comments. However, we hold the contributor responsible for ensuring that the accuracy of the submission.

We will not accept any comment that we feel is libel, or any discriminatory comment, hatred, or foul language.

We will publish items anonymously, on request. But only if we are confident that we have the correct identity of the submitter.

Any submission we feel contravenes British law will be reported to the Police.

We are sure, and we hope that all contributors are like us interested in the communication and edification of those in and around Lutterworth.