The BBC and Free licences to the over 75s


In a recent report published by the Tax Payers Alliance, it has been suggested that free Television licences for the over 75s should be scrapped.

A report commissioned by the BBC has recommended that the free licences should be scrapped, stating that they are likely to cost the BBC £745 million in 2021/2022. It appears strange that they should choose a date in the future like that. One wonders if they have calculated a figure that would be greater then, presumably that would be a peak of numbers. One wonders also what increases were considered in this figure.

It has to be considered how many people are consciously withholding their licence fee, as they believe the BBC to be poorly run, biased or even corrupt.

Indeed, it has been admitted that Jimmy Saville’s activities were “an open secret” within the BBC – said  Terry Wogan.

So what needs doing ?


1    A review of the Licence Fee

2    A review of the editorial content of the BBC – (Even Sir John Major, whilst  PM,  is reported to have said that the BBC was biased to the left. A former director said it leaned so far to the left, it’s a wonder it didn’t fall over.

3    A review of the management policies within the BBC

4    A review of the Governance within the BBC  (like child protection).


My advice – see what comes out of the Budget !