The Lutterworth Cloud Campaign for Hygenic Lay-bys Around Lutterworth.

We’re sure many of you will remember the issue with lorries parking overnight at the entrance to the Waitrose car park. Not only their waste but the public urination in a residential area.

Waitrose successfully stop that.

Being strategically positioned in the crossroads of England, we see a lot of lorries in the area. And with the restrictions on the hours’ lorry driving, they have to rest up. There are overnight lorry stops, and sometimes they’re full, or a driver cannot reach one ‘within their hours’. (Especially if the driver was delayed by traffic, loading or unloading.

This leads to the issue recently highlighted by the South Litter Wombles.

RUBBISH LEAVING in Lutterworth Lay-bys adds up to 100 sacks of rubbish from one on the A426 near Cotesbach – That’s much more than Fly Tipping. Lutterworth Cloud asks for comment from Lutterworth Town Council. Lutterworth Cloud asks for Lutterworth Town Council to officially thank South Leicestershire Litter Wombles, in particular, Scott and John Gibbins from Wigston for doing all the hard work and helping out Lutterworth and Cotesbach. Lutterworth Voice asks Lutterworth Town Council to monitor our local laybys and promote cleanups by our local council tax paid for Harborough District Council. 

We would like to acknowledge to hard work done by the volunteers of the ‘Wombles’. It is fantastic that we have such people, it’s such a shame we need them. Well done to the ‘Wombles’ in and their 57 bags of rubbish.

We ask the Lutterworth Town Council, the Harborough District Council and the County Council for their reactions and how they will approach the problem of waste and specially hygienic waste

The Editor

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